Thursday, January 27, 2011

A beautiful Show

So, one thing I strongly dislike, and I wouldn't even be writing about unless I had something positive to bring from it, is being sick. however in the past few days I have been sick, so in trying to make the time pass by and to ease the severe boredom, i have let myself become engrossed with a certain show. All though this isn't a new show, and I am not even positive its airing on television anymore, I thought it was worth a post.
The Secret Life of the American Teenager, this is the show I have been investing myself into in order to deal with the inconvenience of being sick and bored. This show first aired in July of 2008. I remember seeing it a few times on television when I was younger. However, I wasn't an adolescent allowed too much television watching then, so I never kept up with it.
The whole selection of seasons are now available to me on Netflix, which is a blessing but can also be dangerous on the same token considering I will have the urge to watch the entire collection until finished. I have made it through the first season entirely, and half the second season. So far I have to say I love our main character Amy, and I just love love her boyfriend Ben. He is just so darn cute! If I ever saw that in real life, a fifteen year old professing love like that to another girl his age in a situation like that I would be so amazed!
I don't want to reveal too much of the show but I am just going to say I think Amy should be with Ben and forget about Ricky because Ben is the cutest sweetest guy who genuinely loves her and always will in my opinion (can you see I'm really getting into it?) Also I think this show is a great example for young girls. Having a younger sister myself, I think this show is a great interesting way to educate young minds about the dangers of sex when you are young. The show delves into things like religion and sex education and other important topics that young people should be aware of.
So I am going to continue watching the series and I am not going to give any more of it away, hoping that you Netflix users will start watching, I mean if you are like me and you enjoy stories of love, babies, and partly some drama to keep you interested. I think if any of you fall into that category then you will enjoy this show.
So as i get further in the series I am sure things will take a turn and I will keep you all updated as to what I think about it :) Please let me know if any of you start watching!

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