Friday, February 04, 2011


Now for some real posting! So the video above is a song that I am currently in Love with! I just adore the movie Dear John, I watch it pretty much every week! I really can watch it that much, its just one of those movies for me that I can watch over and over and the story never gets old for me. So this song shows up twice I believe in the movie. Its beautiful! Please listen and let me know what you think! I think its truly amazing!

John O'Callaghan from The Maine

All right so, this is kind of a side note.... I came across this band a few weeks back, when looking for new music to listen to.... I really do Love their music! There's more. I have come to realize their lead singer is just adorable! (in the first pic he is in the middle)  Now I love my boyfriend very much, and this is nothing against him, and obviously nothing serious haha. I just think this guy is so cute! Such a cutie! I just love the way he dresses and I love his music and they way he talks! haha!! So anyways I just thought I'd make a quick post to let everyone know of a little crush I had quickly on this guy, I am over it now....

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


So it is February! In my opinion the month of love! The word love can mean so many different things to so many different people. It can be defined in so many ways. Therefore I thought, since this is the month of love, why not define it myself?
What does love mean to me? Well, I am a romantic for sure, so love is a very complicated, perplexing, beautiful thing for me. I thought this task may be a bit easier if I made the word love into an acronym. Then I thought, what has to be in existence for love? I thought and went through many words.
Finally this is the acronym I came up with,

L. Laughter
O. Overwhelming
V. Vision
E. Experience

Maybe to some of you these words don't make any sense for a word like love. This is how I see it, I cannot have love without laughter, you and the person you love have to be able to laugh together. Love is such a strong word it has to be overwhelming. Those feelings are so big they give everyone butterflies at first. Also when you are in love, there has to be more than that, there has to be a vision behind it. Both people in love have to know where they want to be in their lives and agree together. Last but not least, experience. Every single relationship good or bad has been an experience for me. That's what it is all about, experience, so you know when people are not being honest, or when they are genuine, or even if you just don't want the same things. Love is hard, but its so beautiful when it works out. So I hope you take this information into consideration when choosing your valentine this year ;)